Our videos deliver a return
on your investment.


When we speak with organizations which are new to video advertising, they ask us a common question: "How do I know I will get a return on my investment?" Below we discuss our data, and share some compelling statistics about online video in general. 


Our 100,000+ View Club

The first place to look for a return on investment is the number of views an animation receives. We consistently produce videos that generate 100,000 to over a million views. When you calculate the cost-per-view, each view costs our clients anywhere from 20 cents to .003 of a cent. These statistics do not take into account the videos receiving offline use, nor the fact that the videos are endlessly distributed. That is pretty good ROI! 


Your Bottom Line

We would love to share with you the amount of revenue that our videos have brought our clients, but alas, our clients do not disclose that information to us. One thing we do know, is that we get a lot of repeat business. In fact, our clients like our videos so much, that we have created anywhere from 10 to 40 animations for single organizations, most of which are not blue chip companies, but mid-size companies that are growing fast! Our relationships with them continue to this day. Some of our clients are not interested in a large view count because they have one viewer they want to win. We are proud to say we have successfully won the hearts of major clients such as Chick-fil-A, Procter & Gamble, and NBA stars.


Client Success Stories 

The video you made for us is getting a ridiculous number of hits on Youtube and Facebook.
— Echo 360
These ads are pulling some of the best viewer numbers we’ve seen.
— Comcast Cable
Nothing could live up to the animations you made for the conference.
— Trader Joe's

Within four years, Echo360 grew from 0 students to 4 million. Within a year, the consulting firm BlessingWhite gathered 750,000 views on its video. You can read more about these individual client success stories, as well as a long list of what our happy clients have to say on their individual blog links. 


Studio Recognition 

We’ve also had artistic success in winning multiple Telly Awards year after year. Successful media companies such as Marvel Studios, ESPN, DC Comics, The New York Times, and NBC Universal have chosen to make us the face of their advertising and branding. Since our founding, we have also seen countless imitators come and go. They rip our videos and try to re-edit them, and copy our scripts and drawings. We simply accept it as the highest form of flattery.

Market Opportunity

We cannot guarantee success, but one thing we can guarantee is the incredible window of opportunity open to us right now. Taking a look at our own Google statistics, you can see the recent explosion of our top search terms “whiteboard animation” and “explainer video.” Based on Google’s statistics, you will notice that interest in our work has grown roughly 30% each year!

While we would love to attribute our success to ourselves, the truth is that explainer videos and online video advertising is exploding as an industry. Why? It is because until recently, such a thing did not exist. Internet analytics provider, comScore, tracks the statistics of both online video explosion, as well as video advertising spend. Video advertising spending is lagging behind video viewership at an almost 2 to 1 ratio! That is wonderful news for smart advertisers.

There are even more great benefits to video. For instance, Forrester states that you are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google with video than without it. Why? Because the over-saturation of website content has caused viewers to stop reading websites. People want the most information, in the shortest time, condensed into a clear and concise message. Having a website is no longer impressive, but viewers will take a moment to watch a video that captures their attention.

Google now tracks the amount of time each visitor spends on your webpage. If a viewer spends more time on your page, search engines will rank you higher than if you had viewers who only spent a few seconds there. Viewers are far more likely to spend time on your website when they are captivated by a video, rather than lost in a sea of written content. We could go on about the fascinating statistics of the power of video, but we have an entire blog dedicated to the subject. 


How To Use Your VIDEO

One of the reasons why we are asked about the ROI of our videos, is that many organizations are new to online video advertising, so they do not understand all of the ways it can be used. Here is a list of our clients' top uses: 

  • Replacing cold-calling and email sales
  • E-blasts and individual emails
  • YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+
  • For use on a homepage
  • Conferences
  • Local television
  • In-person meetings
  • On a phone at a gas station

If you would like to hear more about recent successes specific to your industry, or how you can get the most out of your online video, speak with an expert at our studio today.