Patch Media is a community-specific news, information and engagement network driven by passionate and experienced media professionals.

Script: What is local? It's more than just a spot on a map. It's people, and conversations. The things that matter to them. It's their voice. But how do you speak with a local voice to communities all across the country? Patch is a network of news sites powered by over 1000 local editors. They're in the field, every day, bringing relevant stories to over 850 towns across the United States. And with additional content from over 15,000 bloggers, and 60,000 local news feeds, Patch grew over 200% in 2011. Each Patch site brings together news and local information, events and announcements, discounts and savings from local and national advertisers, and presents it all in a way that's engaging, useful and attune to users in each community. Patch not only speaks to local audiences, it sparks national conversation helping local speak to the world. And it all starts here.

Running time: 1:20

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